Super Flow™ Hobby Drinker Kit

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Nipple drinkers let you water your poultry like the pros! Waters up to 200 birds!

• Commercial poultry growers use them - shouldn't you?
• 6" spacing with 8' line, kit comes complete with auto flush regulator and end riser kit.
• Litter stays dry. Birds stay healthier.
• Water waste is eliminated.
• Lines can be extended up to 200' with our (WC3515) 8' extension kits, sold separately.
• Drinker is designed to fit Chick-Inn buildings, 3/4 MGH inlet and 3/4 FPT outlet.
• Allows drinking by a large number of birds; nipples are included.
• No washing and rinsing saves time and money.
• Works on low pressure incoming PSI must be 10 or below.