Baby Chick Feeder - On Sale

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Efficient poultry chick feeding with virtually no waste! This chicken feeder has a narrow eating area that eliminates the scratching out of feed. The feeder can be utilized longer than tray style methods to reduce the amount of equipment needed. The red base attracts chickens so they will feed more.

• Spill proof 6 lb. feed capacity reservoir provides as-needed gravity feed.
• Chicks cannot get in eating area to scratch and waste feed.
• Unique new design prevents overfilling of feed area.
• Made of tough, abrasion-resistant plastic.
• Feeding capacity 100-200 chicks — at least 40 chicks can feed simultaneously.
• Size: 7.5"H x 11.5" diameter.
• Optional cover available to prevent birds from entering through the top of the feeder.