Chick-Inn Poultry Feeder - 16 lb.

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Poultry Hopper feeder for chicks, full grown poultry, and game birds. This chicken feeder is designed to be used for baby chicks on up to full grown quail or poultry. It is designed with a hinged lid and also a control in the center to raise or lower the body which in turn will regulate the height of feed in the pan. This is very essential in saving feed. This unit can be used to greatly cut down the number of times it would be necessary to put in feed for the young birds. The red coloring attracts birds so they will feed more.

  • 16 lb. feed capacity.
  • Adjustable body regulates feed dispensing, saving you money.
  • Can be used for baby chicks, mature quail, or poultry.
  • Lid is hinged for easy filling.
  • Pan is 1-1/2" height x 12" diameter.
  • Feeds up to 100 chicks or 50 grown chickens.