Infrared Utility Heater - 550 Watts

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Heat objects not the air with these Infrared Utility Heaters! Ready to install, just hang by its chains and plug into any 120 volt service. Features an eight foot 18/3 grounded cord set, two 4 feet suspension chains, the appropriate quartz tube elements, a protective guard and gold anodized aluminum reflectors. Applications: Farrowing & Finishing, Maternity & Calving, Milking Operations, Fowl Brooding, Dog Kennels, Work Shops, Garages, Sheds, Store Fronts, and more.

  • Compact housing design with gold anodized reflectors, with a 90° symmetrical reflector pattern.
  • Quartz tube heat elements, wire guard and two 4' jack chains are included.
  • 8' 18/3 grounded cordset plugs into any 120V service.
  • Single phase.
  • UL listed for indoor industrial and commercial comfort heat applications.
Note: Heaters must be a minimum 3" from ceiling, 24" from a vertical surface and a minimum 6 feet from the floor.