TekFoil Reflective/Bubble Bubble/Reflective (R/BB/R) - 2' x 25'

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Keep the heat where it belongs with TekFoil™ Reflective Insulation. TekFoil Reflective/Bubble Bubble/Reflective Insulation is designed for installation between or over framing members, on walls, floors and ceilings. Packaged in easy to handle rolls, TekFoil Insulation R/BB/R can be used in conjunction with mass insulation or without. Applications extend to commercial, agricultural, greenhouses, residential and industrial construction.

  • Crawl Space: Great for preventing cold floors, Good R-value added, No nesting support for insects and rodents, Prevents ground moisture from causing dry rot.
  • Retro-Fit: Can be installed on any surface, No harmful content, Prevents heat loss, Perfect vapor barrier, Staple without overlapping.
  • Concrete Block Walls: Can be installed on both sides of block wall, An efficient and airtight insulation system.

The primary function of reflective insulation is to reduce radiant heat transfer across open spaces, which is a major contributor of heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. TekFoil™ products are engineered to provide an extremely effective, low-cost system to help keep BTUs where they belong: outside when it's hot, and inside when it's not. Once installed in a building cavity, air is trapped, reducing heat flow by convection. TekFoil™ stops radiant heat flow by both reflectivity (95% reflective) and emissivity (only .05% emissive). TekFoil is a patent compliant product.