Tyvek Coverall w/Elastic Hood, Wrist & Ankles - XL

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Performance Protective Clothing for industrial and agricultural applications. Dupont Tyvek® is a unique, nonwoven material made of high-density polyethylene filaments that are spunbonded together by heat and pressure. These garments are the leading choice for dusty, dirty, spraying, maintenance, light splash, and general cleanup environments. They are all lightweight, breathable, and chemically and biologically inert as well as tear, puncture and penetration resistant.

  • Hood has elastic face opening.
  • Elastic wrists and ankles for improved fit!
  • Comfortable, flexible, and economical exposure protection.
  • Excellent splash protection against many liquids.
  • Size: Extra Large
Tyvek Coverall with Elastic Hood, Wrist & Ankles