PolyMax Poultry/Kennel Flooring

PolyMax Flooring improves animal health and bird productivity, while keeping kennels and poultry coops cleaner and drier.

  • A clean, comfortable floor keeps animals healthy and happy!
  • Foot problems and breast blisters in poultry virtually disappear.
  • Rugged, non-porous polypropylene flooring inhibits bacteria growth.
  • Easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Will not rust or rot.
  • Black panels are 24" x 48" with 7/8" square openings.
  • Panels cut easily to fit any dimension.
  • Not recommended for turkeys.
  • 1/4" counter sunk holes comes in black only./li>
  • 1/2" thick with 7/8" square openings. 2' x 4' overall size.
  • Also great as roof rack flooring for vehicles!

    Overlapping Style:

  • Slats overlap on the 2' sides, utilizing a single support member.
  • Interlock on the 4' sides for easy assembly and strength.
  • For decks or pens of any width.

    Non-Overlapping Style:

  • Slats do not overlap on the 2' sides.
  • Interlock on the 4' sides for ease of assembly and strength.
  • In addition to end supports, slats must have a center support.
  • For decks or pens no wider than 4'.
  • Improves animal health and reduces cleaning time and labor cost.