GrowSpan Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouse End Cladding Kit - 24'W Corrugated Polycarbonate

Item Number: GK2EWC24120C Availability: Available in 15 days (Manufactured Product)
GrowSpan Series 2000 Commercial Greenhouses are the solution to the demand for modernized vegetable, bedding plant and hydroponic production. Designed to provide the optimal growing environment, these structures feature an energy-efficient 6/12 roof design. Options include evaporative cooling systems, swinging, sliding or roll-up doors, portable or rolling benches, hydroponic growing systems, lighting, irrigation systems, ventilation equipment, continuous roof vents and more!

• End Cladding Kits, available in 8 mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate or Corrugated Polycarbonate, are sold separately.
• Attach to our Series 2000 Commercial greenhouse end frame kits, also sold separately below.