GrowSpan Series 750 Commercial Greenhouse - 32'W x 120'L w/Steel Baseboard Hardware

Item Number: GS7532120S Availability: Available in 15 days (Manufactured Product)

GrowSpan's Series 750 Commercial Greenhouse is an industry game changer. This structure features a fully automated light deprivation system at a price point operations can't ignore.

  • Cost-effective automated light deprivation has never been this simple. This light dep system sits on a substructure within the greenhouse, and when in use, the blackout material ascends to the building's peak, creating total darkness in a matter of moments.
  • The light deprivation system is cable driven and designed with fewer parts, so installation and maintenance are easier than traditional systems.
  • The system is completely internal, so it's not susceptible to damage from wind or the elements.
  • Optional Series 750 Equipment Packages are available.
  • The greenhouse is manufactured with galvanized steel and designed for strength and resilience. Each structure can be engineered upon request for up to 25 psf ground snow load, 12 psf live load and 105 mph wind speed.
  • Greenhouses are available at 32'W at a standard width, blackout width of 30', and lengths of 48', 72', 96' and 120'. It features a 16'H peak, 7'H sidewalls and a 6.3:12 roof pitch.
  • Covered with inflatable film for improved insulation. End walls are white-black-white polycarbonate to provide superior energy efficiency and a clean, professional look.
  • Includes Plyco double door.
  • Option of lumber baseboard or galvanized steel baseboard. Lumber baseboard sold separately. The Series 750 comes with hardware for lumber baseboard. Galvanized steel baseboard option does include the steel baseboard.