HydroCycle Pro Vertical Microgreen System - 5'L

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Provide your local market with fresh microgreens on a continuous basis. The HydroCycle Pro Vertical Microgreen System allows beginners or professionals to produce high yields of these in demand greens with ease.

• HydroCycle Pro Vertical Microgreen Systems utilize a recirculating nutrient film technique (NFT). This allows growers to harvest living plants with roots intact, making it easier to supply customers with the freshest greens.
• Systems are outfitted with 16 large 9" NFT channels.
• Assembly and maintenance is simple. Compared to conventional growing, growers will experience reduced labor and waste, allowing harvests to be more profitable.
• Achieve high yields within a limited square footage. Pea and sunflower shoots can yield up to 13 oz. per sq. ft. every 10 days, while mizuna, arugula, chard, beet and more can yield up to 6 oz. per sq. ft. every 14 days.
• Features a 20 year warranty on the UV-stabilized, NSF-certified NFT channels.
• Recommended media: BioStrate™ Microgreen Grow Roll (113887).
• Recommended accessories: Heavy-Duty Digital Timer (112531), Botanicare® CNS17™ Grow 3-1-2 (112908) and Waterproof pH/EC/TDC/°C Meter for Growers (108251). Accessories are all sold separately.