5.2 oz. Clear Prefabricated Greenhouse Panel - 24' x 110'

Item Number: 108350 Availability: Available in 6 days (Manufactured Product)

Indestructible PolyMax® Woven Greenhouse Covers are ten times stronger and will last up to three times longer than standard greenhouse coverings.

  • Manufactured from rip-stop Polyethylene for durability and strength.
  • Choose from custom sizes manufactured to your exact specifications or, for the best value, choose from our standard stock sizes.
  • Available in 5.2 oz. clear, these greenhouse fabrics offer diffused light which prevents strong shadows, overheating and plant scorching.
  • Maintain a comfortable, controlled environment inside the greenhouse that will keep out pests and disease that can ruin your crop. Also reap savings on energy costs.
  • Reduces the amount of water needed for irrigation.
  • 5.2 oz., 12 mil clear PolyMax® greenhouse fabric has a four-year warranty.
  • Ideal as either Roll-Up or Drop-Down sides in greenhouses.
  • Added UV-inhibitors makes this fabric superior.
  • Excellent light transmission.
  • Will not tear or rot.
  • Superior cold-crack resistance.
  • 12 x 10 tapes per inch.
Please Note: Sizes are nominal, up to 6" width and 6" height.