Poultry/Goat Net - 40" x 165' Orange

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Electro-Web Electric Net is composed of electrified horizontal strands and nonelectrified vertical strands. The bottom strand on the net is not electrified to prevent grounding. Netting comes complete with posts, corner ties and stakes to secure the net to the ground. Junction clips at ends of net are designed to attach charger and join one to another. Use only Low Impedance Fence Charger, sold separately.

  • Effectively contains poultry, goats and llamas while protecting them from foxes, coyotes and other predators.
  • Graduated net spacing is small at bottom to large on top.
  • Made with 12 horizontal strands.
  • Netting includes extruded plastic line posts with a metal spike on the bottom. Posts are woven into the net but are removable for making spacing adjustments.