SunStar® StarGlo™ Ceramic Infrared Heater - 130K BTU Propane

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SunStar® StarGlo™ Direct Spark Ignition Ceramic Infrared Heaters meet your commercial or industrial heating needs.

• Available in either natural gas or propane, with BTU/hour output ratings from 30,000 to 155,000.
• Corrosion-resistant, aluminized-steel construction.
• Energy-efficient direct spark ignition system with 100% gas shut-off safety control.
• Aluminum reflectors maximize radiant output.
• Dimpled tile assembly design for increased radiant efficiency.
• Design certified for angle mounting up to 30˚.
• Mounting hardware not included.
• Indirect vented operation. Requires mechanical or gravity ventilation.
• Fuel efficient and flexible installation.
• Requires 120 V or 24 V thermostat. We recommend our DuroStat™ NEMA 4 Thermostat (CR2095), sold separately.