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Welcome to the FarmTek Product Brochure Library. Product Brochures help our customers quickly educate themselves on some of our most popular products, like fabric structures, greenhouses, growing systems and more.

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Greenhouse Description
HydroCycle Aeroponics Systems Provide maximum aeration and nutrients for quick, healthy growth
Aquaponics Produce lucrative vegetables and valuable fish in one system
GrowSpan Blackout Systems Maximize your business potential by providing the opportunity to control light cycles.
GrowSpan Series 500 Tall Greenhouses Our most economical, extra-tall greenhouse design.
GrowSpan Round Economy High Tunnels GrowSpan Round Economy High Tunnels are a cost-effective way to increase profits and yields.
GrowSpan Hydroponic & Gothic Greenhouse Packages The GrowSpan Hydroponic & Gothic Greenhouse Packages include our finest and most popular systems for growing healthy vegetables.
GrowSpan Gothic Premium High Tunnels GrowSpan Gothic Premium High Tunnels feature 6' sidewalls, maximizing growing space and quality.
GrowSpan Roll-up Low Pro Tunnel An innovative, low-profile tunnel design an ideal growing solution for ventilation and light control.
HydroCycle Hydroponics Systems Innovative Hydroponic Solutions enable consistent harvests of the finest crops.
GrowSpan Round Premium High Tunnels GrowSpan Round Premium High Tunnels extend your season, increasing both profits and yields.
GrowSpan Rolling Premium High Tunnels GrowSpan Rolling Premium High Tunnels prevent soil nutrient depletion, diseases and simplify crop rotation.
GrowSpan Single Bay High Tunnels GrowSpan Single Bay High Tunnels are economically priced, leading to quick profits.
GrowSpan Series1000 Commercial The go-to option for growers looking to maximize their business's profitability.
GrowSpan Series 2000 Commercial Ideal for garden centers, research and universities.

ClearSpan Description
Aggregate Storage Designed to keep aggregate materials dry year-round.
Agriculture Sell Sheet Designs unique buildings that can be applied to any agricultural need
Athletics Sell Sheet Enables you to train and compete year-round
Aviation Sell Sheet Premier building solutions for any aviation and aerospace need
Beef Master Systems Designed with both farmer and cattle in mind to save time, labor, and money.
Commodity HD Buildings Feature an open side that simplifies bulk and aggregate storage
Construction Sell Sheet Budget friendly and offers a cost-effective construction solution
Dairy Sell Sheet Create dairy structures that improve efficiency and promote higher yields
Dare to Compare ClearSpan Advantage ClearSpan™ Fabric Structures provides buildings that are among the most versatile in the world.
Dare to Compare Tax and Lighting Analysis Compare Tax and Lighting Benefits
Disaster Recovery Sell Sheet Rapidly deployable buildings enable a quick response to any disaster
Equestrian Buildings designed for indoor riding or boarding.
Event and Retail Sell Sheet Versatile building solutions are great for events and retail locations
Fabric Structures Buildings of 1,000 uses. Most dependable, versatile buildings in the world.
Foundation Versatile foundation options are designed to fit your application and budget.
Giant Doors Ideal accessory for those that need large entryways.
Government and Municipal Sell Sheet Meets the wide ranging building needs of any government or municipality
Helical Anchoring System Limits construction time and saves you money.
Hybrid Buildings Provide the benefits of both fabric and metal buildings.
Marine Storage Buildings Buildings that create an ideal environment for all marine, storage and repair needs.
Metal Buildings Endless metal building customizations to meet your every need.
Military Sell Sheet Creates ideal, American-made building solutions for any military application.
Monoslope Building Creates an ideal environment for cattle, maximizing business potential
Oil and Gas Sell Sheet ClearSpan Fabric Structures is the oil and gas professional's premier structural solution
Recycling Solutions for any recycling need.
Salt & Sand Storage Ideal for salt storage.
Storage & Maintenance For storage use or maintenance shops.
Warehousing and Manufacturing Sell Sheet Creates your ideal warehousing and manufacturing building solutions
Zoo and Aquarium Sell Sheet Creates innovative, budget-friendly building solutions for zoos & aquariums

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