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Buyer's Guides

Welcome to the FarmTek Buyer's Guide Library. Buyer's guides are helpful aids for customers looking for professional advice on a wide range of topics, such as livestock and growing products, barn curtains, hay storage, hoop buildings, high tunnels, and much more.

If you can't find what you're looking for in our buyer's guides, check for instruction manuals and other documents for your product. Simply enter the product number in the "Catalog Item #" search box located in the upper left corner of your screen. If you still have questions about your purchase, please Contact Us or visit Live Help

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Livestock & Ag Description
Poultry Equipment We have everything you need to tend to your flock from chicks to full-grown birds.
FodderPro Feed System Learn about the benefits and design of our system which lets you turn seed into feed in 7 days.
Hay Storage Discover what makes FarmTek hay storage buildings the best choice for your operation.
Fencing We have an extensive selection of electric and non-electric fencing options to keep your livestock in and predators out.
Barn Curtains Design the right curtain system to meet your needs. Choose between "drop-down" and "roll-up" styles.
Flooring & Mats From functional to decorative, our product line includes a vast array of flooring for a wide variety of applications.

Growing & Gardening Description
High Tunnels High tunnels are a great way to increase your crop yield. Learn how to choose the right high tunnel for your needs.
High Tunnels Compared A side-by-side comparison of our ClearSpan High Tunnels vs. the competition's.
Greenhouses The key points to consider when purchasing a greenhouse are the shape, size and materials needed.
Greenhouse Cover Find out which type of material is best for your application and budget.
Cold Frames Harvest more and extend your growing season using our high-quality cold frames.
Hydroponics Systems Hydroponic growing is a cost-effective method to grow high-quality produce with maximum yields.
Growing Media With so many choices of growing media available, learn which type is best for your plants and methods.
Seed Starting Use our seed starting products to fill your garden with delicious homegrown produce or stunning ornamental flowers.
Soil Testers Make fertilization easy and accurate by testing the quality of your soil.
Shade Cloth & Material Shade cloth provides plants and people with essential protection from the sun.
Irrigation Learn how to conserve water while providing your plants with just the right amount of water.
Drip Irrigation Tape Produce higher quality crops at higher yields, while lowering water usage with this efficient irrigation method.
Ground Cover From frost protection to weed suppression, learn how to choose the right ground cover for your needs.
Raised Beds Control the conditions your plants are exposed to by gardening in raised beds.
Deer Fencing Keep deer and other wildlife out of your garden and orchard areas with our "do-it-yourself" Fencing System.
Composting Put kitchen and garden waste to good use by adding a composting system to your home or business.

Building Supplies Description
Fabric Structures Learn about the ClearSpan Advantage and the many applications these structures can be used for.
Cooling & Ventilation Learn about the purpose of fans and the ventilation they provide in agricultural buildings, greenhouses and more.
Pumps Find out what type of pump is best for your specific application.
Commercial Roll-Up Doors Learn how roll-up doors can improve efficiency in your structure.
Controllers & Thermostats Slash energy costs and receive the maximum benefits year round inside your greenhouse, barn, or building.
Heaters Learn about the different types of heating systems available and the best type for your application.
TekFoil Reflective Insulation Prevent radiant heat transfer by up to 97% to keep your building energy-efficient.
Handi-Foam Foam Insulation Seal cracks and voids while lowering energy costs and preventing rodents and insects.
Radiant In-Floor Heating Discover the advantages of radiant in-floor heating compared to the traditional forced-air method.
PolyMax Sheets & Rolls Install this durable, corrosion-resistant, washable material on ceilings or walls in a variety of applications.
Lighting We offer various types of lighting to fit your needs, from residential bulbs to large outdoor fixtures.
LED Bulbs Discover why LED bulbs are the best choice for your lighting needs.
Sensaphone Systems Detect problems before they become disasters with Sensaphone monitoring devices.

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