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Featured Testimonial

John and Christine & Gardiner, Cave Junction, OR — After moving from their old farm in Sandy, Oregon, John and Christine Gardiner were without barns for their alpacas. Having dealt with the difficulties of buildings spaced far apart at their previous location, the Gardiners decided to purchase a ClearSpan™ Super Moo-Tel® and four connector canopies. John says, "The price was right and I could erect it much faster than any other building."

Using a design created by John, two canopies were attached to each side of the Moo-Tel to allow the alpacas to move freely from one building to another. John states, "With the flexibility of our new barn we now have our herd serviced from the same barn, which makes the daily routine highly efficient. The alpacas love to be under the cooler canopies, but come into the Moo-Tel for supplementary feeding."
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Name Category Application
Lone Star Wildlife Rescue Animal Housing Bird flight cage in a Pony Wall Building
Science Channel's "How It's Made" Assembling Trusses Watch the process of how our Truss Arch buildings.
Cape Henry Racquet Club Athletic & Recreational Turn the club into a state-of-the-art indoor tennis facility
John Dee Building Materials Weatherproof wall covering with PolyMax
County Line Canopies Driving range & campground
Cliff Orent Cold Frames Plant protection & propagation
Jeff & Sue Cauhape Cold Frames Growing tomatoes, garlic & herbs
420 Growers and Processors Cold Frames/Hydroponics Growing Cannabis Hydroponically
Laurel Valley Soils Customer Testimonial Truss Arch Building to store compost material.
Northampton Community Rowing Equipment Storage Storage of rowing equipment
Butte Marine Equipment Storage Outdoor Boat Showroom
Shawnee County Public Works Equipment Storage Bulk salt storage in a Freestanding Building
Bonk Brothers Equipment Storage Bulk salt storage in a Freestanding Building
Jeff Wengren Equipment Storage Sailboat workshop in a Pony Wall Building
Cedar Creek Sports Center Equipment Storage Golf training center storage with a Storage Master
Illinois Department of Transportation Equipment Storage Limited salt storage capacity
Broke Richard Ranch FodderPro 2.0 Feed Systems Goat farm finds drought-proof feed option
Damasa Organics Farms FodderPro 2.0 Feed Systems Organic farm chooses fodder feeding regimen
Hanscome Dairy FodderPro 2.0 Feed Systems Boer goat farm stays on budget with FodderPro 2.0 Feed System
Pereira Pastures Dairy FodderPro 2.0 Feed Systems Feeding fodder improves dairy cow milk production
Samuel Hershberger FodderPro 2.0 Feed Systems Horse owner sees health and energy improvements from fodder diet
Two Branch Ranch FodderPro 2.0 Feed Systems Fodder system reduces feed costs on alpaca farm
Holy Mountain Farm FodderPro 2.0 Feed Systems Fodder system helps family raise healthy livestock
Alfalfa Valley Farms Greenhouses Growing cannabis year-round despite weather
7 Spruce Farm Greenhouses Four-season production
Montgomery Central High School Greenhouses School focusing on teaching agriculture and growing sustainable produce
Shanahan Middle School Greenhouses Greenhouse used for horticulture wellness initiative
TLC Country Floral Greenhouses Growing plants with Elite and SolarStar Greenhouses
King's Hill Farm Greenhouses Area to start transplants, storage, livestock housing
Bridgehampton Union Free School Greenhouses Growing area and classroom for students
Big Sky Greenhouses Greenhouses Commercial greenhouses for high-wind region
Kevin Lamberg Greenhouses Backyard Hobby Greenhouse for growing fresh produce
Rhonda Dizney Greenhouses Teaching students aged 2 to 6 about growing with a school greenhouse
The Central Virginia Parrot Sanctuary Greenhouses Creating a low-maintenance, climate-controlled aviary
Steve Z Greenhouses Solar Star Greenhouse pool enclosure
Dove Creek Gardens, Inc. Greenhouses Growing ornamental grasses and bamboo
Mid Atlantic Growers Greenhouses/Cold Frames Growing flowers and plants in a high tunnel and cold frame
Victory Gardens Greenhouse/High Tunnel Retail ornamental and vegetable garden nursery
James Lovelace Hay Storage Cover hay bales (hay storage) with a Freestanding Building
Meyers Farm High Tunnels Growing produce for local community
Cascade Growers LLC. High Tunnels High Tunnel used for the marijuana industry.
Alaska: The Last Frontier High Tunnels Alaska: The Last Frontier features FarmTek High Tunnels
Avon Old Farms School High Tunnels Students experience high-tunnel growing
Forest Glen Farm High Tunnels Passive solar high-tunnel growing
Woodside Raspberries High Tunnels High tunnel production of raspberries and strawberries
Texas AgriLife Research & Extension High Tunnels High tunnel growing research
McClendon's Select High Tunnels Growing greens and tomatoes in a high tunnel
Los Poblanos Organics High Tunnels Protecting crops from the elements with a high tunnel and greenhouse
Iowa State University Extension High Tunnels Research and demonstration projects with a high tunnel
Cherry Creek Farm High Tunnels Growing delicate specialty crops
Mielke's Farm High Tunnels Extending the growing season
Dan Mielke High Tunnels Extending the growing season
Victory Gardens Hydroponics Hydroponic lettuce & production of assorted microgreens
Jeff Middleton Livestock Equipment Hauling of feed with a Giant Muck Cart
Wichmann Farms Livestock Housing Keeping animals out of the elements
Terry Clark Livestock Housing Limited space for calving operation
Cypress Grove Chevre Livestock Housing Housing for dairy goats
The Baalands Livestock Housing Sheep housing and storage space in a SolarGuard Building
John & Christine Gardiner Livestock Housing Housing for alpacas with a Super Moo-Tel
Pure Country Pork Livestock Housing Hog housing with a Pony Wall Building
Post Oak Farms Livestock Housing Overcoming a lack of storage space with a Pony Wall Building
Greg and Lei Gunthrop Poultry Watering Watering chickens the healthy and easy way
Hope Ranch Equine Program Riding Arenas Therapeutic riding and dressage lessons
Ridin' on Faith Horse Ministry Riding Arenas Horse riding in a Storage Master
Zen Horsemanship Riding Arenas Outdoor riding arena in a High Crown Arena

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