Barn Ventilation Systems Webinar

Questions & Answers

  1. Do you have a recommended type of fan for horse stalls?
    We have a variety of fans used for stalls, but some of our most popular are our indoor/outdoor rated circulation fans. They are mounted in the stall and provide direct air circulation to the horse. We also have ceiling fans that can be mounted directly above the stall. We would be glad to help you with your individual stall requirements if you let us know the dimensions and number of stalls.
  2. We have 3-phase power, do you have ventilation systems available for us?
    Yes, we have a variety of 3-phase fans available for different types of ventilation setups.
  3. How do you mount the fans into the end walls of your buildings?
    Here at FarmTek, we can provide end framing that is strong enough to support any of our fans. Talk to your National Account Manager to make sure we get you everything you need for proper installation.
  4. Can I wire these fans into the controller myself?
    We always recommend contacting a local electrician to make sure all wiring and connections are done safely and correctly.
  5. Can we combine several ventilation systems together?
    Yes, we have installed a variety of ventilation systems together. In fact, using a couple different types of ventilation is common. We have used tunnel ventilation along with direct cooling fans. Moving the air in one direction makes the job of the exhaust fan easier. Another common combination is direct cooling and cross ventilation.
  6. How much maintenance is required on exhaust fans?
    That will depend on the fan type. Belt driven fans require a little more maintenance, as the belts should be checked periodically versus the direct drive fans do not. The benefit to the belt driven fans is the longevity of the motor.
  7. How do you properly size an exhaust vent?
    To determine the proper size for an exhaust vent divide the CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating of the fan by 600; this will equal the square footage of vent space required. 600 is the maximum cubic feet of air that will travel though a one square foot vent in a minute.
  8. Does the height of the ceiling matter when sizing a fan?
    Yes, the higher the ceiling, the greater the volume of air within the building the fan needs to move.
  9. What is your suggestion on exhaust fans on each end of a barn?
    When it comes to installing exhaust fans on each end of a barn, you need to make sure the air flow goes in one direction, from one end of the building to the other. Otherwise you will have exhaust fans working against each other, and the motors in those fans will wear out much faster and the cooling will be ineffective. I would recommend cross ventilation instead of exhaust fans on each end of the barn to achieve the desired cooling effect.

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