Custom Barn Curtain Systems Webinar

Questions & Answers
  1. Are premium systems for dairy barns only?
    No. There are several other applications that the premium system can be used for, like greenhouses and poultry housing. The premium system is flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs. You can call us to discuss your specific application and we can help you create a system that works for you.
  2. Is there a minimum size for a motorized curtain system?
    There is no minimum size. We have put in systems that are as small as 6' high by 10' long. The motor is only limited by the length of the curtain. One motor will power a curtain that is up to 320' long, any longer and we recommend using a second motor.
  3. Can you use other fabrics besides 10 oz. and 16 oz. material?
    Yes, we can put the roll into any material. We have done systems that use 10.5 oz. and shade cloth.
  4. What does the ounce rating mean on a curtain?
    The ounce rating is the weight of the curtain material per square yard. The higher the ounce rating, the stronger the curtain. Another important factor is the mil rating. The mil rating tells you exactly how thick the curtain is. For example, our 10 oz. material is 22 mil thick.
  5. What do you recommend to prevent wind damage?
    It is very important to take preemptive steps to protect your curtain from wind damage. An unprotected curtain will break down significantly faster than a protected curtain. I recommend protecting your curtain from both the inside and the outside. On the inside of the building I suggest using galvanized wire mesh or PVC hex netting. This will not only prevent billowing, but it will also keep your animals off of it. Using a 1.66" conduit in combination with bolt-on lashing winches will secure your curtain on the outside.
  6. Is there a manual override for the motorized curtain systems if the power goes out?
    Yes, if power outages are a concern for you, we can set up your curtain with a hand winch system so you can operate your curtain manually if needed.
  7. Is there a warranty on your curtain fabric?
    Yes, our curtain material has a 5 year prorated warranty, but the curtain should long outlast the warranty. The higher grade fabrics have a life expectancy of 7 to 10 years.
  8. Do you have any curtains that are insulated?
    Yes, we have a few different types of insulated curtain. One of the most popular is our Sunshine Curtain. This curtain is two layers of our 5.2 oz. fabric with a poly bubble inner layer and has an R-value of about 4.
  9. Do you have any information on using clear fabric? Does it crack in cold weather?
    Our 16 oz. and 10 oz. material are superior cold weather curtains. They've survived climates in the Northeast and Canada without any issues.
  10. How do your non-motorized systems work?
    There are a few different options to operate a non-motorized system. One option is to attach the shepherd's hook to a cordless drill to roll it up or down. Another method is to use a hand winch.

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