Promotional Codes

What is a "Promo Code"?

A Promo Code, or Coupon Code, is required to obtain a special offer, pricing or discount from FarmTek.

Where do I find the Promo Code?

Promo Codes are located on the back of your current catalog, in the yellow box next to your mailing address. Promo Codes or Coupon Codes can also appear in email promotions, package inserts or special mailings. These codes will be clearly identified within those offers.

Promo Code

How do I use my Promo Code?

To take advantage of our special offers and discounts, you will need to enter the code in the "Promo Code" entry box located on the top right corner of's home page. You can also enter your code during the checkout process. We recommend that you login to your account before entering your code.

Why is my Promo code invalid?

Some Promo Code offers can be used only once, cannot be combined with other offers, are valid for a limited time only, or require a minimum purchase. If your Promo Code offer has a minimum purchase requirement, taxes and shipping charges do not apply. Promo Code offers cannot be applied to orders already placed with FarmTek.

Be sure that you have entered your Promo Code correctly (a common mistake is to enter a zero instead of the letter O, or vice-versa). In general, FarmTek Promo Codes start with the letter F, so be sure you are using a Promo Code which was issued for our FarmTek website. If you are still encountering problems with a Promo Code, we recommend that you read our FAQ for further help, especially the topic on clearing internet browser cache and cookies, which can sometimes create problems with Promo Codes.