Insect Screen Kits

Our Insect Screen Kits enable you to cover shutters and exhaust fans, eliminating insects and pests, without hindering ventilation.

  • Maintain maximum airflow, while providing a controlled environment free of pests.
  • HDPE anti-virus screen features 51 x 25 mesh and natural colors.
  • 12% shade factor.
  • An environmentally-friendly option to fight pests and reduce the need of pesticides.
  • UV-stabilized.
  • Screens are lightweight and easy to install with poly latches.
  • With designs specific to exhaust fans and motorized shutters, these kits always provide the ideal fit.

Shutters, Vents & Louvers - Insect Screen Kits
Item # Description Price  
115106F Insect Screen Kit - 24" Exhaust Fan 185.95000 /EA More Info
115106S Insect Screen Kit - 24" Motorized Shutter 185.95000 /EA More Info
115107S Insect Screen Kit - 36" Motorized Shutter 245.95000 /EA More Info
115107F Insect Screen Kit - 36" Slant Wall Exhaust Fan 245.95000 /EA More Info
115108S Insect Screen Kit - 48" Motorized Shutter 415.95000 /EA More Info
115108F Insect Screen Kit - 48" Slant Wall Exhaust Fan 415.95000 /EA More Info