Reflective Shade

Prevent heat buildup and produce healthier plants in your greenhouse by reflecting heat and light with Reflective Shade Material. Reflects heat and light to provide up to 25% in energy savings!

• Reduce plant stress and improve the efficiency of your greenhouse ventilation system.
• Manufactured from coextruded black/white polyolefin film.
• Reflective Shade features a monofilament yarn structure for strength and long-lasting use without significant stretching.
• Provides solar reflection and cooling, as well as heat retention.
• Highly reflective white side limits light and heat transmission for more efficient greenhouse shading during the day.
• When the temperature drops at night, black side helps reduce radiated heat loss.
• Ideal for use with our Heat Retention/Shade Screen Systems, sold separately.
• 5 year manufacturer's warranty.
• Can be bordered with tape and grommets for extra durability.
• Available in 30% to 60% shade.
• Ideal for greenhouses, garden centers, canopies, tents, livestock housing, construction areas, playgrounds, swimming pools, shade houses, decks, patios and more!
• Priced per square foot.

Shade Houses & Material - Reflective Shade
Item # Description Price  
SHADE30R Reflective Shade - 30% 0.35000 /EA More Info
SHADE30RA Reflective Shade - 30% 984'L 0.31000 /EA More Info
SHADE40R Reflective Shade - 40% 0.38000 /EA More Info
SHADE40RA Reflective Shade - 40% 984'L 0.33000 /EA More Info
SHADE50R Reflective Shade - 50% 0.41000 /EA More Info
SHADE50RA Reflective Shade - 50% 984'L 0.36000 /EA More Info
SHADE60R Reflective Shade - 60% 0.43000 /EA More Info
SHADE60RA Reflective Shade - 60% 984'L 0.39000 /EA More Info