Two Component Kit Spray Foam Insulation - 205 Board ft. Yield

Two component foam systems mix in the nozzle of the dispensing unit and the resulting foam cures very quickly. Now available in flame-resistant and blackout spray foam kits.

• Fill voids and cracks, use as plumbing reinforcement, deaden sound and vibrations, structural support, to seal air leaks, full home insulation and more.
• R-value of 6.2 per inch.
• Tack free in as little as 30 seconds and does not require air to cure.
• Conforms to any shape.
• Moisture-resistant cured foam can be trimmed, painted or sanded.
• Resists heat and cold: -200°F to 240˚F (-129°C to 115°C).
• Kits include patented dispensing unit, designed for increased output and accurate metering use.
• Kits yielding 12 and 22 board ft. include a cone tip nozzle.
• Kits yielding 105, 205 and 605 board ft. include 5 cone and 3 fan tip nozzles.
• Replacement parts and accessories are available only for the kits that yield 105, 205 and 605 board ft.

Clear nozzles are cleanable, solvent resistant and come in both cone and fan spray patterns. Use cone nozzle for narrow, more directed and pour-in-place applications. Use “ultra wide” fan nozzle for a wide, vertical spray pattern and for an extensive area of coverage. Convenient Combo Pack includes five cone nozzles and three fan nozzles.

Product Note: Handi-Foam products are intended for professional use only.
Our Price:  501.95/EA
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Item Number: 103309
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  Weight 41.00000 
  Yield 205 board ft.
  Density 1.75 LB./FT.3
  Coverage 205 BDFT.

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