Svensson Solaro

Prevent heat buildup and produce healthier plants in your greenhouse by reflecting heat and light with Svensson Solaro Reflective Shade. Reflects heat and light to provide up to 25% in energy savings!

• Reduce plant stress and improve the efficiency of your greenhouse ventilation system.
• Manufactured from coextruded black/white polyolefin film, FLS Reflective Shade features a monofilament yarn structure for strength and long-lasting use without significant stretching.
• Provides solar reflection and cooling, as well as heat retention.
• Highly reflective white side limits light and heat transmission for more efficient greenhouse shading during the day.
• When the temperature drops at night, black side helps reduce radiated heat loss.
• Ideal for use with our Heat Retention/Shade Screen Systems, sold separately.
• 5 year manufacturer's warranty when used inside a greenhouse. 3 year warranty with outdoor use.
• Can be bordered with tape and grommets for extra durability.
• Available in 30% to 70% shade.
• Ideal for greenhouses, garden centers, canopies, tents, livestock housing, construction areas, playgrounds, swimming pools, shade houses, decks, patios and more!
• Priced per square foot.

Cooling, Ventilation & Heating - Shade Houses & Material - Svensson Solaro
Item # Description Price  
SHADE30R Svensson Solaro Shade - 30% 0.35000 /EA More Info
SHADE30RA Svensson Solaro Shade - 30% 984'L 0.31000 /EA More Info
SHADE40R Svensson Solaro Shade - 40% 0.38000 /EA More Info
SHADE40RA Svensson Solaro Shade - 40% 984'L 0.33000 /EA More Info
SHADE50R Svensson Solaro Shade - 50% 0.41000 /EA More Info
SHADE50RA Svensson Solaro Shade - 50% 984'L 0.36000 /EA More Info
SHADE60R Svensson Solaro Shade - 60% 0.43000 /EA More Info
SHADE60RA Svensson Solaro Shade - 60% 984'L 0.39000 /EA More Info
SHADE70R Svensson Solaro Shade - 70% 0.46000 /EA More Info
SHADE70RA Svensson Solaro Shade - 70% 984'L 0.41000 /EA More Info