ClearSpan™ Premium HD Beef Master™ Systems Curtain Package

ClearSpan's Curtain Package is an ideal option for customers looking to partially close in the walls of our ClearSpan™ Premium HD Beef Master™ Systems.

• Curtains are approximately 7'6" in height, leaving 5' open at the bottom.
• Each package includes: 12.5 oz. white curtain, 40:1 manual gear box, center height-driven curtain and anti-billowing for the exterior, including curtain drive doors and tail doors.
• Longer curtains will come with more than one gear box to ensure smooth and effective operation.

Barn Curtain & Accessories - ClearSpan™ Premium HD Beef Master™ Systems Curtain Package
Item # Description Price  
BM50CURT07X112W ClearSpan Curtain Package - 112'L 3460.00000 /EA More Info
BM50CURT07X160W ClearSpan Curtain Package - 160'L 4950.00000 /EA More Info
BM50CURT07X224W ClearSpan Curtain Package - 224'L 6920.00000 /EA More Info
BM50CURT07X272W ClearSpan Curtain Package - 272'L 8410.00000 /EA More Info
BM50CURT07X336W ClearSpan Curtain Package - 336'L 10390.00000 /EA More Info
BM50CURT07X400W ClearSpan Curtain Package - 400'L 12360.00000 /EA More Info