Gro-Quick Soil Warming Cable

The thermostatically controlled heat of GRO-QUICK electric soil warming cables gently speeds germination and seedling growth to produce large, healthy plants ready for transplanting. Use indoors or out to provide a head start to the regular growing season. Gro-Quick Soil Warming Cables have a built-in thermostat that automatically activates cables when soil temperature is below 74˚.

• Speeds germination and seedling growth, producing large healthy plants, ready for transplanting.
• Use indoors or out to provide a jump start to your growing season.
• Dependable cables are covered with a tough, moisture-proof PVC jacket.
• All connections are sealed and waterproof.
• Available in 5 lengths. To determine which is best for you, match cable length to square footage of your planter.
• Place a minimum of 1" of soil below the cables, and approximately 3-4" of soil above the cables before the plants.

Ag & Growing Supplies - Lawn & Garden - Raised Beds & Gardening Aids - Gro-Quick Soil Warming Cable
Item # Description Price  
104439 Gro-Quick Soil Warming Cable - 6' Red 32.95000 /EA More Info
104440 Gro-Quick Soil Warming Cable - 12' Yellow 38.95000 /EA More Info
104441 Gro-Quick Soil Warming Cable - 24' Orange 41.95000 /EA More Info
104442 Gro-Quick Soil Warming Cable - 36' Brown 49.95000 /EA More Info
104443 Gro-Quick Soil Warming Cable - 48' Blue 53.95000 /EA More Info