Aero Soft Grow Container - 30 Gallon

Aero Soft Grow Containers properly aerate the soil to prevent plant damage from overheated soil and overwatering.

• Manufactured from a porous, yet sturdy fabric that allows better heat dissipation and excess water evaporation than plastic, ceramic and clay pots.
• Aero Soft Grow Containers air-prune roots, causing plants to grow a healthy, non-circling root system that promotes vigorous growth.
• Sizes available for any type plant, including perennials, vegetables and trees.
• Commercial tree growers will experience the benefit of having the bulk of harvested trees' roots intact and well branched.
• Fold flat for easy storage.
• Ideal for fruits, vegetables, annuals, perennials, trees, commercial growers, hobby gardeners, and drip irrigation.
• Aero Soft containers are made from a recycled and biodegradable fabric for outdoor and indoor gardening. The non-woven, polypropylene material that research discovered has important horticultural applications.
• Containers are reusable! Shake out any extra soild and allow container to dry. Store in a dry location until you are ready to start growing again.
• Containers have no meaningful exchange with the surrounding environment. On a microscopic chemical level, the container fabric is an inert plastic. If the medium and fertilizers you use in the container are organic, you will be growing organically in these containers.

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Product Specifications

  Weight 0.46000 
  Size 30 Gallon
  Height 19.0"
  Bottom Diameter 17.0"
  Mouth Width 25.9"

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