Driven Tube Anchor Kits

The Driven Tube Anchor Kit is an economical foundation solution.

• These innovative anchors provide a secure foundation that requires little preparation and a fraction of the expense of a traditional foundation.
• Installation is simple. Anchors can be installed without heavy machinery. Only post drivers (116040 to start, QH1099 to finish) or jackhammer required.
• This unique system works by driving in anchors at varying angles. It functions much like a tree's roots and securely holds the structure in place.
• The anchor tubes and caps are constructed of galvanized structural steel, so they can withstand corrosive environments.
• Intended for use with buildings up to 65' wide.
• 115495 includes 3/4" hardware to attach a baseplate with a 4 anchor hole pattern for heavy duty base plates.
• 115494 includes 3/4" hardware to attach a baseplate with a 2 anchor hole pattern spaced 8" apart for end wall column.
• QH1099 is used specifically for our Driven Tube Anchor Kits only.

New Products - Driven Tube Anchor Kits
Item # Description Price  
115494 Driven Tube Anchor Kit - 2 Anchor Hole Pattern 149.00000 /EA More Info
115495 Driven Tube Anchor Kit - 4 Anchor Hole Pattern 249.00000 /EA More Info
QH1099 Finishing Post Driver 28.95000 /EA More Info
116040 Starting Post Driver 31.95000 /EA More Info