Safety & Protection

FarmTek has great, economical prices on a wide selection of safety and protection equipment. We have PVC coated gloves, disposable gloves, work gloves and gardening gloves; great protection and comfort for all your barn and yard chores, food processing, gardening, assembly and manufacturing. Our performance protective clothing and boots are ideal for agricultural uses, such as dairy, meat, and food processing, general farm use and industrial applications. Since worker safety is important to you, FarmTek has lightweight, comfortable and flexible eyeglasses, goggles and safety glasses that provide workers with the protection they need — we have hearing protection as well! Working an environment with particles, fumes, dust, vapor, gas, chlorine, or sulfur dioxide? Breathe easier today with our economical respirators as well as half mask respirators and accessories for material handling and fabrication operations.

Safety & Protection - Barn Work Gloves
Barn Work Gloves

Safety & Protection - Disposable Gloves
Disposable Gloves

Safety & Protection - Agricultural Clothing
Agricultural Clothing

Safety & Protection - Farm Raingear
Farm Raingear

Safety & Protection - Protective Eyewear
Protective Eyewear

Safety & Protection - Hearing Protection
Hearing Protection

Safety & Protection - Agricultural Respirators
Agricultural Respirators

Safety & Protection - First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit

Safety & Protection - Scrapers, Scoops & Shovels
Scrapers, Scoops & Shovels

Safety & Protection - Bio-Security Mats
Bio-Security Mats

Safety & Protection - Orange Safety Fence
Orange Safety Fence

Safety & Protection - Black Snow & Sand Fence
Black Snow & Sand Fence

Safety & Protection - Tool Racks
Tool Racks

Gilmour Handi-Farm Sprayer - On Sale
Gilmour Handi-Farm Sprayer - On Sale
Dyno Rubber Utility Mat - 5'W x 8'L
Dyno Rubber Utility Mat - 5'W x 8'L
Egg Cartons - 250 Count
Egg Cartons - 250 Count

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