Livestock Fencing

Replace your worn out fences with our strong, high-quality and maintenance-free livestock fencing systems, netting, barriers or corrals. Whether you are trying to keep deer, foxes, and rabbits out or your livestock, birds, horses or poultry in, we have fencing products to help you. FarmTek's DuraMesh Wire is the perfect wire for livestock, greenhouse benches, anti-bird screen, and poultry cages, while our Poly fencing will keep its attractive appearance while protecting your valuable animals. Keep your dog and pets safe and secure with our K9 fencing and equipment. For work zones, construction sites, hazardous areas, municipalities, factories, warehouses or other businesses, we recommend our barriers and netting for safety, controlling blowing and drifting, as well as to increase visibility. At FarmTek, any fence configuration is possible and most of our fencing and hardware are discounted when purchased in bulk.

Livestock Fencing - Bird Fencing
Bird Fencing

Livestock Fencing - Deer & Rabbit Control
Deer & Rabbit Control

Livestock Fencing - Galvanized Wire Mesh 14 Gauge - 100' Long Rolls
Galvanized Wire Mesh 14 Gauge - 100' Long Rolls

Livestock Fencing - Electric Fencing
Electric Fencing

Livestock Fencing - Fence Strapping
Fence Strapping

Livestock Fencing - PVC Coated Hex Wire
PVC Coated Hex Wire

Livestock Fencing - Erosion Control Tubes
Erosion Control Tubes

Livestock Fencing - Safety and Snow Fence Systems
Safety and Snow Fence Systems

Livestock Fencing - Barriers

Livestock Fencing - Knitted Privacy & Wind Barrier
Knitted Privacy & Wind Barrier

Livestock Fencing - Black Poly Geogrid
Black Poly Geogrid

Livestock Fencing - Giant Windbreak Wall
Giant Windbreak Wall

Livestock Fencing - Black Snow & Sand Fence
Black Snow & Sand Fence

Livestock Fencing - Fencing Accessories
Fencing Accessories

Gilmour Handi-Farm Sprayer - On Sale
Gilmour Handi-Farm Sprayer - On Sale
Dyno Rubber Utility Mat - 5'W x 8'L
Dyno Rubber Utility Mat - 5'W x 8'L
Egg Cartons - 250 Count
Egg Cartons - 250 Count

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