Greenhouse Equipment

FarmTek offers the largest selections of greenhouses, greenhouse kits, greenhouse packages and greenhouse accessories. Whether you are a beginner gardener, hobby grower or a professional nursery owner, we have the greenhouse to meet your growing needs. We not only help you select the perfect greenhouse for your current and future needs but we also offer all the greenhouse accessories you'll need such as greenhouse glazing, greenhouse lights, greenhouse heaters to keep your plants warm, shade cloth to protect your plants from the hot sun, as well as greenhouse anchors for peace of mind stability. Already have a greenhouse? We can help you, too! We offer a wide range of products to help keep your greenhouse in top condition, such as greenhouse film, polycarbonate covers, greenhouse repair tape, greenhouse covering, and more! We offer financing and leasing options for our larger greenhouses and accessories. All of FarmTek's greenhouses include step-by-step manuals and best of all, we back up our quality greenhouses with some of the best warranties in the greenhouse business.

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Greenhouse Equipment - Greenhouse Heaters
Greenhouse Heaters

Greenhouse Equipment - Greenhouse Fans
Greenhouse Fans

Greenhouse Equipment - Greenhouse Vents & Ventilation
Greenhouse Vents & Ventilation

Greenhouse Equipment - Greenhouse Lighting & Fixtures
Greenhouse Lighting & Fixtures

Greenhouse Equipment - Seed-Starting Supplies, Pots, & Trays
Seed-Starting Supplies, Pots, & Trays

Greenhouse Equipment - Greenhouse Irrigation
Greenhouse Irrigation

Greenhouse Equipment - Carts & Wagons
Carts & Wagons

Greenhouse Equipment - Greenhouse Covering
Greenhouse Covering

Greenhouse Equipment - Hydroponic Systems
Hydroponic Systems

Greenhouse Equipment - Greenhouse Shelving & Benching
Greenhouse Shelving & Benching

Greenhouse Equipment - Soil Testing
Soil Testing

Greenhouse Equipment - Greenhouse Thermometers
Greenhouse Thermometers

Greenhouse Equipment - Transport & Display Racks
Transport & Display Racks

Greenhouse Equipment - Greenhouse Doors
Greenhouse Doors

Greenhouse Equipment - Greenhouse Flooring
Greenhouse Flooring

Greenhouse Equipment - Greenhouse Climate Control
Greenhouse Climate Control

Greenhouse Equipment - Fertilizer Injectors & Accessories
Fertilizer Injectors & Accessories

Greenhouse Equipment - Raised Bed Kits & Composters
Raised Bed Kits & Composters

Greenhouse Equipment - Universal Gable End Frames
Universal Gable End Frames

Greenhouse Equipment - Greenhouse Equipment Kits
Greenhouse Equipment Kits

Greenhouse Equipment - Gutter Components & Accessories
Gutter Components & Accessories

Greenhouse Equipment - Anchors & Fasteners
Anchors & Fasteners

Greenhouse Equipment - Aluminum Extrusions
Aluminum Extrusions

Greenhouse Equipment - Johnson Gas CO2 Generators
Johnson Gas CO2 Generators

Greenhouse Equipment - Greenhouse Power Vent System
Greenhouse Power Vent System

Greenhouse Equipment - Universal Cross Connectors
Universal Cross Connectors

Greenhouse Equipment - USA-Made Triple-Galvanized Struts
USA-Made Triple-Galvanized Struts

Greenhouse Equipment - Rainwater Catch Drains
Rainwater Catch Drains

SolarGuard Storage Master Building - 14'W x 14'H x 28'L
SolarGuard Storage Master Building - 14'W x 14'H x 28'L
GrowSpan Gothic Premium High Tunnel - 20'W x 14'H x 24'L Film Roll-Up Sides
GrowSpan Gothic Premium High Tunnel - 20'W x 14'H x 24'L Film Roll-Up Sides
Modine Effinity 93 Condensing Unit Heater - 260K BTU Propane
Modine Effinity 93 Condensing Unit Heater - 260K BTU Propane

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