Equine Supplies

FarmTek offers a complete line of equine supplies products to ensure the health and longevity of your horses. Ride and train year round in our affordable and spacious horse riding arenas. We also provide horse stables and horse stall accessories at affordable prices — create the perfect equine stall to fit your exact needs! The most widely used flooring in the equine industry, our stable mats improve the health and lives of your horses while maximizing safe footing inside run-in sheds, shoeing and grooming areas, trailer floors, stalls, aisles and more. Sold at discount prices, FarmTek offers a wide array of products for horses including horse feeders, galvanized tip horse troughs, wash down supplies, stable pest control products, such as fly traps, and useful everyday barn and stable cleaning items that protect your investments and eases your chores.

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Equine Supplies - Riding Arenas & Horse Barns
Riding Arenas & Horse Barns

Equine Supplies - Stall Mats & Paver Blocks
Stall Mats & Paver Blocks

Equine Supplies - Horse Feeders
Horse Feeders

Equine Supplies - Hay Storage
Hay Storage

Equine Supplies - Stable Fans
Stable Fans

Equine Supplies - Horse Watering Equipment
Horse Watering Equipment

Equine Supplies - Horse Corrals & Fencing
Horse Corrals & Fencing

Equine Supplies - Stable and Arena Lighting
Stable and Arena Lighting

Equine Supplies - PolyMax Stable Wall Boards
PolyMax Stable Wall Boards

Equine Supplies - Horse Pest Control
Horse Pest Control

Equine Supplies - Barn & Stable Cleaning
Barn & Stable Cleaning

Equine Supplies - Work Gloves & Clothing
Work Gloves & Clothing

Equine Supplies - Dust Control
Dust Control

Equine Supplies - Double Tuf Industrial Sprayer Boom - On Sale
Double Tuf Industrial Sprayer Boom - On Sale

Gilmour Handi-Farm Sprayer - On Sale
Gilmour Handi-Farm Sprayer - On Sale
Dyno Rubber Utility Mat - 5'W x 8'L
Dyno Rubber Utility Mat - 5'W x 8'L
Egg Cartons - 250 Count
Egg Cartons - 250 Count

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