Barn Curtain

Provide a nourishing environment for your livestock, promote faster weight gain, and conserve your greenhouse energy costs with FarmTek barn curtain. We also offer a large selection from 5.2 oz. to 22 oz., many with a choice of color, standard and custom sizes and even flame resistant and UV-resistant products. As the world's leading barn curtain manufacturer, we offer barn curtain to fit most applications; poultry, dairy, hogs, greenhouses, and more! FarmTek also offers a large selection of polyester rope, fabric clips, steel cable, pulleys, winches, mounting brackets and other barn curtain accessories.

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Barn Curtain - Barn Curtain
Barn Curtain

Barn Curtain - Premium Glider Curtain System
Premium Glider Curtain System

Barn Curtain - All-Purpose Fabrics
All-Purpose Fabrics

Barn Curtain - Curtain Conduit
Curtain Conduit

Barn Curtain - Curtain Accessories
Curtain Accessories

Barn Curtain - Curtain Tube Support System
Curtain Tube Support System

Barn Curtain - Curtain Roll-up & Drop Assemblies
Curtain Roll-up & Drop Assemblies

Barn Curtain - Chain, Rope, Cable & Accessories
Chain, Rope, Cable & Accessories

Barn Curtain - Quik Klamp Pipe Fittings
Quik Klamp Pipe Fittings

Barn Curtain - Prefabricated Greenhouse Panels - 5.2 oz Clear
Prefabricated Greenhouse Panels - 5.2 oz Clear

Barn Curtain - ClearSpan Curtain Packages
ClearSpan Curtain Packages

Little Giant Muck Cart
Little Giant Muck Cart
Hova-Bator Incubator
Hova-Bator Incubator
ValuTek Hanging 3 Speed Circulation Fan - 20"
ValuTek Hanging 3 Speed Circulation Fan - 20"

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