Ag & Growing Supplies

Gain more control over crop production with our selection of agricultural and growing supplies. Extend your growing season with a high tunnel or cold frame, or grow year round in a greenhouse equipped with environmental controls, shade systems and greenhouse benches to suit your needs.

With a variety of grow lights, greenhouse irrigation systems, netting, greenhouse film, ground cover and more, you can produce higher quality crops and harvest abundant yields. During the off-season, make field maintenance more efficient with our selection of fencing, carts and tarps.

Ag & Growing Supplies - High Tunnels & Cold Frames
High Tunnels & Cold Frames

Ag & Growing Supplies - Greenhouses & Greenhouse Kits
Greenhouses & Greenhouse Kits

Ag & Growing Supplies - Pots, Trays & Containers
Pots, Trays & Containers

Ag & Growing Supplies - Greenhouse Equipment
Greenhouse Equipment

Ag & Growing Supplies - Greenhouse Irrigation
Greenhouse Irrigation

Ag & Growing Supplies - Lawn & Garden
Lawn & Garden

Ag & Growing Supplies - Hydroponic Supplies
Hydroponic Supplies

Ag & Growing Supplies - Garden Carts & Wagons
Garden Carts & Wagons

Ag & Growing Supplies - Seed-Starting Supplies
Seed-Starting Supplies

Ag & Growing Supplies - Commercial Cannabis Growing
Commercial Cannabis Growing

Ag & Growing Supplies - Ground Covers & Pond Liners
Ground Covers & Pond Liners

Ag & Growing Supplies - Fencing & Bird Netting
Fencing & Bird Netting

Ag & Growing Supplies - Pest & Rodent Control
Pest & Rodent Control

ClearSpan Colossal Chick-Inn Hutch - 26'W x 12'H x 36'L - On Sale
ClearSpan Colossal Chick-Inn Hutch - 26'W x 12'H x 36'L - On Sale
HydroCycle Pro Aquaponic System II - 12' x 30'
HydroCycle Pro Aquaponic System II - 12' x 30'
Tri-Lite HVLS Fan - 24'
Tri-Lite HVLS Fan - 24'

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