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JT Eaton™ Top Loader Bait Station
Innovative approach to effective rodent control! Perfect bait station for all types of rodents including roof rats. Easy loading — does not need to be moved away from wall.• Ideal bait station for all types of...more
JT Eaton™ Answer® Gopher Bait
Answer for Pocket Gophers provides long term control, killing not only the resident gopher, but also gophers that may reinvade the burrow system.• Highly palatable and effective gopher bait blended with a special water...more
JT Eaton Bait Blocks - 1oz. Blocks - On Sale
Control rodents with an effective rat and mouse killer that works even when exposed to the elements.• 9 lb. containers have 144 1 oz. blocks.• Packed in tamper-evident, resealable pails.• Center hole to easily...more
JT Eaton™ Bait Stations
Effective pest control made easy!• All-plastic construction.• Not tamper resistant.• Snap-on top can be secured with tie seals. more
Wind-Up Repeating Mouse Trap
This amazing device can trap up to 8 mice in 1 setting.• Fully mechanical and works without poisons or baits.• 1-1/4" x 4" window. more
Repeater Multi-Catch Mouse Trap
The Repeater™ Multi-Catch Mouse Trap is an economical, effective method of mouse control that requires no bait or poisons. Its low profile enables it to be used in low, tight areas.• Made of galvanized steel.•...more
Stick-Em Mouse & Rat Glue Traps
Stick-Em Glue Traps are ecologically safe and for use in dry areas only!• The most effective and still the best!• Peanut butter scented, non-poisonous and effective at wide temperature ranges.• Designed to be...more
Tamper-Resistant Mouse/Rat Bait Stations
Effective rodent control that meets or exceeds EPA criteria for "tamper-resistance."• Base unit made from strong injection-molded plastic.• For use indoors and out.• Stainless steel fasteners on...more
Nectus Soft Rodent Bait - On Sale
Nectus is the go-to rodenticide for pests that are hesitant to take other baits.• Nectus is a highly attractive bait for rodents, and it is successful in spaces where other food is available to rodents, like food storage...more
Trap-Em Snake Glue Traps
Stick-Em Glue Traps are ecologically safe and for use in dry areas only! • The most effective and still the best! • Odorless, nonpoisonous and effective at wide temperature ranges. • Designed to be used in...more
Top Gun All-Weather Rodenticide
Highly cost effective, fast acting Top Gun™ All-Weather Bait Blocks and Pellet Packs are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.• Accepted in federally inspected food plants• Formulated with a blend of...more