Closeout Plumbing Supplies

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Product Info Description Qty Available Price Unit  
CL105884 30GAL TANK W/5GPD 100PSI PUMP - SLIGHTLY USED Only 1 left 430.00000 EA  More Info
CL109839 TEKPRO ISOLATION VALVE KIT 3/4" IPS THRD Only 2 left 39.00000 EA  More Info
CL109840 TEKPRO ISOLATION VALVE KIT 3/4" IPS SOLD Only 3 left 146.95000 EA  More Info
CL112277 ERV 1404 INTERCHANGEABLE CORE-USED Only 1 left 241.09000 EA  More Info
CL112693 TEKPRO ISOLATN VALVE KIT 3/4"IPS SLDR NL Only 2 left 145.95000 EA  More Info
CL113583 FLOTEC UTILITY PUMP-USED Only 1 left 156.38000 EA  More Info
CL113632 IRON MIGHT CIRCULATING PUMP-USED Only 2 left 145.67000 EA  More Info
CLSRF25515 1/2HP 10GPM BOOSTER PUMP 3PHASE Only 1 left 458.10000 EA  More Info
CLSRF29830 AUTO FILL VLVE W/BCKFLW PRVNTR 1/2"SXFPT Only 1 left 112.50000 EA  More Info
CLWF4720 BOOSTER PUMP 1HP (NO POWER CORD) Only 1 left 440.83000 EA  More Info