Closeout Electrical Supplies

Our loss is your gain! Great prices on closeout electrical supplies.

Please Note: Closeouts are one of a kind, last one, slightly damaged/missing parts, special pricing, remnants or returns. All products are sold as is and carry a 30-day return policy.

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Product Info Description Qty Available Price Unit  
1019671 OPEN 1PH 1/3HP 230VL 120VC MOTOR START Only 2 left 52.94000 EA  More Info
1019971 OPEN 3PH 1/2HP 460VL 120VC MOTOR START Only 1 left 140.59000 EA  More Info
102296 MOUNTING PLATE FOR PUMP/MOTOR 70 6.45000 EA  More Info
109406 ORIENTAL INDUCTION MOTOR 18 56.00000 EA  More Info
109408 ORIENTAL AC SPEED CONTROLLER Only 1 left 16.00000 EA  More Info
CL102544 ISOTEL ULTRA 4 SURGE SUPPRESSOR-USED Only 1 left 57.20000 EA  More Info
CL102888 ON TIME - SMALL DAMAGE Only 1 left 52.57000 EA  More Info
CL106004 1/2HP 1075RPM 484 TEAO PEDESTAL FAN MTR Only 2 left 113.89000 EA  More Info
CL109380 DOUBLE MANUAL ROLL UP GEAR BOX KIT Only 2 left 30.19000 EA  More Info
CL110870 MOTOR ONLY WINCH FOR CURTAIN DIVIDER-USE Only 1 left 408.85000 EA  More Info
CL111676 GREENHOUSE VENT MOTOR SINGLE PH 115VOLT Only 1 left 845.65000 EA  More Info
CL111676A GREENHOUSE VENT MOTOR SINGLE PH 115VOLT Only 2 left 845.65000 EA  More Info
CL112065 300W SINGLE CONTROL POWER SUPPLY Only 1 left 49.00000 EA  More Info
CL112249 300W SINGLE CURTAIN POWER SUPPLY-USED Only 2 left 129.00000 EA  More Info
CL112250 300W DOUBLE CURTAIN POWER SUPPLY Only 1 left 301.25000 EA  More Info
CL112868 IPONIC 614 HYDROPONIC CONTROLLER Only 1 left 1380.44000 EA  More Info
CL112925 GEARMOTOR RW242, 1-PH, 110-115V, 180W Only 1 left 935.00000 EA  More Info
CL112928 GEARMOTOR RW243, 1-PH, 110-115V, 250W Only 2 left 1040.00000 EA  More Info
CL112929 IDRIVE FOR MOTOR 112925 - SLIGHTLY USED Only 1 left 337.19000 EA  More Info
CL113554 4 STATION IRRIGATION CONTROLLER - USED Only 1 left 63.75000 EA  More Info
CL113592 AGROWSOFT IRRIGATION CONTROLLER-USED Only 3 left 562.50000 EA  More Info
CL115093 GREENHOUSE VENT MOTOR DRIVE ~ 115 V - 1 PH - USED Only 3 left 558.60000 EA  More Info
CLCF1930 MOTOR REPL CANARM FANS,1/2HP,850RPM-USED Only 4 left 131.25000 EA  More Info
CLMR3051 MOTOR 1PH 1/2 1075 48 TEAO-USED Only 2 left 120.63000 EA  More Info
CLMR3320 MOTOR 1PH 1/2 1800 56 TEFC-USED Only 2 left 121.19000 EA  More Info
CLMR3330 MOTOR 1PH 3/4 1800 56 TEFC (SCRATCHED/DENTED) Only 2 left 127.88000 EA  More Info
CLMR3420 MOTOR 1PH 7-1/2 1800 215T TEFC-REPAIRED Only 1 left 631.94000 EA  More Info
CLSRF12013 REPL MOTOR 1/3HP,115/230V,PSC, 3LUG,1075RPM 1PH Only 2 left 199.84000 EA  More Info
CLSRF17843 MOTOR, 1HP, 208-230/460V, 1725RPM, 3PH Only 2 left 199.35000 EA  More Info
CLSRF19009 REPL MOTOR FOR 106447 Only 1 left 99.00000 EA  More Info
CLSRF20231 REPL IGNITION CONTROLLER #5H79749 Only 2 left 102.00000 EA  More Info
CLSRF22577 CONTROL BOX/DRAFT INDUCER PKG 43502030 Only 2 left 443.75000 EA  More Info
CLSRF27321 MOTOR CSA 1/3HP/1800/230/460V EXPLPF 3PH Only 6 left 395.00000 EA  More Info
CLSRF29732 REPL MOTOR FOR 112254-SLIGHT DAMAGE Only 5 left 99.38000 EA  More Info
CLSRF29838 REPLACEMENT MOTOR FOR 111935/111937-USED Only 1 left 81.21000 EA  More Info
CLSRF32142 RW-45 MOTOR GEARBOX #761202 Only 1 left 338.80000 EA  More Info
CR2401 DOUBLE COVER FOR CR2400 833 2.69000 EA  More Info
SRF24252 A49 V-BELT 1/2"X5/16"X51" Only 6 left 4.49000 EA  More Info