Closeout Lighting & Bulbs

Our loss is your gain! Great prices on closeout lighting fixtures & bulbs.

Please Note: Closeouts are one of a kind, last one, slightly damaged/missing parts, special pricing, remnants or returns. All products are sold as is and carry a 30-day return policy.

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Product Info Description Qty Available Price Unit  
107155 18W SYLVANIA QUAD COMPACT FL Only 2 left 3.25000 EA  More Info
CL109282 1000W HPS FIXTURE 240V - USED Only 1 left 164.75000 EA  More Info
CL111130 SLVANIA ULTRA 8 WATT DIMMABLE LED A19 Only 3 left 23.75000 EA  More Info
CL111311 WALL PACK LED 48 WATT-SLIGHTLY USED Only 2 left 248.75000 EA  More Info
CL111318 300 WATT DOUBLE CONTROL WITH INVERTER Only 1 left 462.50000 EA  More Info
CL111522 HIGH BAY 120V/277V 54W 6 LAMPS T5HO 48" Only 1 left 99.90000 EA  More Info
CL111523 HIGH BAY 120V/277V 32W 6 LAMPS T8HO 48"-USED Only 1 left 58.13000 EA  More Info
CL111955 LUMIGROW PRO 650 HORTICULTURAL LIGHT - USED Only 1 left 1187.50000 EA  More Info
CL111957 LUMIBAR LED STRIP LIGHT Only 2 left 634.68000 EA  More Info
CL112561 400W MH LOW BAY PULSE START Only 1 left 98.88000 EA  More Info
CL112991 OUTDOOR ROUND WALL/CEILING MOUNT LED 16W Only 1 left 49.09000 EA  More Info
LG1046 LIGHT BALLAST 13W SEALED 1117 6.99000 EA  More Info
LK7017 20W 2700K FLUORESCENT SPRING LAMP 366 4.25000 EA  More Info
S105447 WATER/DUST RESISTANT FIXTURE 4' Limited Stock 57.95000 EA  More Info
S108257 4' T8 WET LOCATION FIXTURE 120-277V Limited Stock 64.95000 EA  More Info
S109701 7W 2700K U-TUBE PL LAMP Limited Stock 1.35000 EA  More Info
S109704 13W 2700K U-TUBE PL LAMP Limited Stock 1.45000 EA  More Info
S111523 HIGH BAY 120V/277V 32W 6 LAMPS T8HO 48" Limited Stock 97.95000 EA  More Info
S111589 LED PAR38 12 WATT WW Limited Stock 19.95000 EA  More Info
S111670 LED PAR30 7 WATT WW DIMMABLE Limited Stock 17.95000 EA  More Info
S112157 SYLVANIA ULTRA 8 WATT DIMMABLE LED A19 Limited Stock 21.99000 EA  More Info
S112661 SYLVANIA ULTRA DIMMABLE 13W LED PAR30 Limited Stock 29.95000 EA  More Info
S113654 LED 40W 360 DEG LAMP MED BASE Limited Stock 99.95000 EA  More Info
S113656 LED 60W CORN LAMP MED BASE Limited Stock 109.95000 EA  More Info
S113658 LED 80W CORN LAMP MED BASE Limited Stock 139.95000 EA  More Info
S113659 LED 80W PIZZA LAMP MED BASE Limited Stock 189.95000 EA  More Info
S113691 LED 100W SHOE BOX POLE LIGHT 5000K Limited Stock 293.95000 EA  More Info
SLJ1017 7"GLASS GLOBE 100W Limited Stock 1.95000 EA  More Info
SLK7017 20W 2700K FLUORESCENT SPRING LAMP Limited Stock 3.09000 EA  More Info
SLK7018 24W 2700K FLOURESCENT SPRING LAMP Limited Stock 3.25000 EA  More Info