Closeout Fans & Accessories

Our loss is your gain! Great prices on closeout fans and accessories.

Please Note: Closeouts are one of a kind, last one, slightly damaged/missing parts, special pricing, remnants or returns. All products are sold as is and carry a 30-day return policy.

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Product Info Description Qty Available Price Unit  
109432 28" ALUMINUM BLADE 7/8" 13 10.00000 EA  More Info
111656 50" 1SP B-DRIVE SLANT WALL FAN 1HP 1PH Only 2 left 815.00000 EA  More Info
111657 50" 2SP 1PH B-DRIVE SLANT WALL FAN 23 855.00000 EA  More Info
112101 1/4HP 1075RPM 48Y TEAO PEDESTAL FAN MTR Only 1 left 175.95000 EA  More Info
CL105539 VALUTEK 36"DLXE BASKET FAN 3PHASE-USED Only 8 left 186.69000 EA  More Info
CL106003 1/2HP 1625RPM 48Y TEAO PED FAN MTR-USED Only 7 left 120.24000 EA  More Info
CL106050 POLY EXHAUST SHUTTER 48"X48" TRPL PANEL Only 1 left 53.27000 EA  More Info
CL106159 ROOM TO ROOM VENTILATOR 180CFM Only 2 left 111.00000 EA  More Info
CL106687 24" LO/MED PRESSURE FAN COOLER-DAMAGE Only 1 left 191.20000 EA  More Info
CL107748 36"W X 36"H WALL LOUVER -DENTED Only 1 left 88.48000 EA  More Info
CL110450 48"WX48H" WALL LOUVER-DAMAGE Only 7 left 50.00000 EA  More Info
CL112093SCMZ74 126" 16OZ SUPER CLEAR VINYL FABRIC - MED 74'L Only 1 left 303.22000 EA  More Info
CL112192 ALUM EXH SHTR 24X24 SGL PNL (DAMGD) 26 29.00000 EA  More Info
CL112194 ALUMINUM EXHAUST SHUTTER 36X36 DBL PNL Only 1 left 53.15000 EA  More Info
CL112198 ALUMINUM EXHAUST SHUTTER 54X54 DBL PNL Only 2 left 81.66000 EA  More Info
CL112200 POWER SHUTTER MOTOR W/ HARDWARE 110/220V 62 22.55000 EA  More Info
CL112242 MOBILE EVAPORATIVE COOLER 2000CFM-DAMAGE Only 1 left 197.50000 EA  More Info
CL112243 PORTABLE EVAPORATIVE COOLER 800CFM-DIRTY Only 1 left 93.82000 EA  More Info
CL112260 48" 1SP B-DRIVE SLANT WALL FAN 1HP 1PH Only 2 left 523.13000 EA  More Info
CL112261 48" 2SP 1PH B-DRIVE SLANT WALL FAN ( BENT SHUTTER) Only 4 left 541.63000 EA  More Info
CL112545 24" AIR DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM-USED Only 2 left 337.11000 EA  More Info
CL115228 36" DIRECT DRIVE BOX FAN W/SHUTTER-REPAIRED Only 1 left 303.95000 EA  More Info
CL115229 48" 1SP B-DRIVE SLANT WALL FAN 1HP 1PH Only 4 left 523.13000 EA  More Info
CL115230 48" 2SP 230V B-DRIVE 1HP SLANT WALL FAN Only 3 left 527.76000 EA  More Info
CL115234 36" 1SP 1PH DD 1/2HP SLANT WALL FAN-REPAIRED Only 1 left 362.00000 EA  More Info
CL115236 GLV BELT DRIVE 36" FAN 115/230V 1/2HP Only 1 left 273.25000 EA  More Info
CL115238 48" B-DRIVE BOX FAN W/ SHUTTER 1PH 1HP Only 5 left 498.61000 EA  More Info
CLCF1705 FAN 12" FLUSHMOUNT 1/4HP W/SHUTTER Only 1 left 300.00000 EA  More Info
CLCF1748 FAN 36" SS SNGL SPD W/TUBE ADPT 1/2HP Only 3 left 330.83000 EA  More Info
CLCF1782 FAN 48" INDUSTRIAL CEILING-USED! Only 2 left 29.94000 EA  More Info
CLCF5756 FAN COVER 56" ROUND - SLIGHT DAMAGE Only 1 left 35.06000 EA  More Info
CLSRF15611 EXHAUST HOOD SIS/SIU OR SPS/SPU SERIES Only 1 left 31.25000 EA  More Info
CLSRF15989 REPL MOTOR FOR 105537/105539 USED Only 4 left 128.25000 EA  More Info
CLSRF19442 56"KNOCK DOWN GUARD Only 5 left 141.44000 EA  More Info
CLSRF24954 X4K4 48"X60" 4"DEEP STATNRY BLADE LOUVER Only 2 left 675.50000 EA  More Info
CLSRF27322 REPL FAN BLD 24", 5/8"BOR, ALUM Only 6 left 73.00000 EA  More Info
CLSRF27530 REPAIR KIT FOR CF1859 Only 1 left 140.00000 EA  More Info
CLSRF31228 48" INDUSTRIAL FAN BLACK - USED Only 2 left 136.95000 EA  More Info
S105524 V-TEK OUTDOOR/INDOOR30"OSC PEDESTAL FAN Limited Stock 224.95000 EA  More Info
S105527 VTEK 24" PREMIUM PORTABLE DRUM FAN Limited Stock 135.95000 EA  More Info