Shade Remnants

Our loss is your gain! Great prices on closeout shade cloth remnants.

Please Note: Closeouts are one of a kind, last one, slightly damaged/missing parts, special pricing, remnants or returns. All products are sold as is and carry a 30-day return policy. Shade remnants cannot be customized with tape or grommets.

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Product Info Description Qty Available Price Unit  
CL112093SCMZ74 126" 16OZ SUPER CLEAR VINYL FABRIC - MED 74'L Only 1 left 303.22000 EA  More Info
CL70KSH18X20 SHADE REMNANT-70% KNIT-18' X 20' Only 1 left 66.53000 EA  More Info
CL30KSH12X50 SHADE REMNANT-30% KNIT-12' X 50' Only 2 left 76.65000 EA  More Info
CL40KSH16X20 SHADE REMNANT-40% KNIT-16'X20' Only 1 left 46.93000 EA  More Info
CL70KSH12X12 SHADE REMNANT-70% KNIT-12' X 12' Only 1 left 26.71000 EA  More Info
CL70KSH12X20 SHADE REMNANT-70% KNIT-12'X20' Only 1 left 44.52000 EA  More Info
CL70KSH12X22 SHADE REMNANT-70% KNIT-12'X22' Only 1 left 48.97000 EA  More Info
CL70KSH12X32 SHADE REMNANT-70% KNIT-12'X32' Only 1 left 71.23000 EA  More Info
CL70KSH12X34 SHADE REMNANT-70% KNIT-12'X34' Only 1 left 75.68000 EA  More Info
CL40KSH10X10 SHADE REMNANT-40% KNIT-10'X10' Only 1 left 14.70000 EA  More Info
CL40KSH10X20 SHADE REMNANT-40% KNIT-10'X20' Only 1 left 29.40000 EA  More Info
CL112598RZ13X10 XLS OBSCURA A/A FRBRK+ B/B REVOLUX-13X10 Only 1 left 81.40000 EA  More Info
CL112598RZ13X18 XLS OBSCURA A/A FRBRK+ B/B REVOLUX-13X18 Only 1 left 146.52000 EA  More Info
CL112598RZ13X20 XLS OBSCURA A/A FRBRK+ B/B REVOLUX-13X20 Only 3 left 162.80000 EA  More Info
CL112598RZ13X25 XLS OBSCURA A/A FRBRK+ B/B REVOLUX-13X25 Only 1 left 203.50000 EA  More Info
CL112598RZ13X32 XLS OBSCURA A/A FRBRK+ B/B REVOLUX-13X32 Only 4 left 260.48000 EA  More Info
CL112598RZ13X46 XLS OBSCURA A/A FRBRK+ B/B REVOLUX-13X46 Only 1 left 374.44000 EA  More Info
CL112598RZ13X50 XLS OBSCURA A/A FRBRK+ B/B REVOLUX-13X50 Only 1 left 407.00000 EA  More Info
CL40SSH13X16 40% SVENSSON REFLECTIVE SHADE-13'X16' Only 1 left 44.24000 EA  More Info
CL80SSH4X95 80% SVENSSON REFLECTIVE SHADE-4'X95' 15 114.38000 EA  More Info
CL70KSH13X22TG SHADE REMNANT-70% KNIT-13'X22' T&G Only 1 left 54.05000 EA  More Info
CL60KSH18X20 SHADE REMNANT-60% KNIT-18'X20' Only 1 left 63.13000 EA  More Info
CL80SSH13X14 80% SVENSSON REFLECTIVE SHADE-13'X14' Only 2 left 55.37000 EA  More Info
CL50KSH20X27 SHADE REMNANT-50% KNIT-20'X27' Only 1 left 89.96000 EA  More Info
CL60KSH12X20 SHADE REMNANT-60% KNIT-12'X20' Only 1 left 42.28000 EA  More Info
CL70KSH46X38TG SHADE REMNANT-70% KNIT-46''X38' T&G Only 1 left 330.37000 EA  More Info
CL70KSH16X20 SHADE REMNANT-70% KNIT-16'X20' Only 1 left 59.14000 EA  More Info
CLQSH112598Z06X62 XLS OBSCURA A/A FRBRK+ B/B REVOLUX 6X62 Only 2 left 237.24000 EA  More Info
CL30KSH10X10 SHADE REMNANT-30% KNIT-10'X10' Only 1 left 12.67000 EA  More Info
CL30KSH10X12 SHADE REMNANT-30% KNIT-10'X12' Only 1 left 15.20000 EA  More Info
CLQSH112598Z06X98 XLS OBSCURA A/A FRBRK+ B/B REVOLUX 6X98 Only 6 left 375.00000 EA  More Info
CL30KSH26X105 SHADE REMNANT-30% KNIT-26'X105' Only 2 left 343.98000 EA  More Info
CL70KSH10X10 SHADE REMNANT-70% KNIT-10' X 10' Only 1 left 18.41000 EA  More Info
CL70KSH10X12 SHADE REMNANT-70% KNIT-10' X 12' Only 1 left 22.09000 EA  More Info
CL70KSH10X20 SHADE REMNANT-70% KNIT-10' X 20' Only 1 left 36.82000 EA  More Info
CL80SSH12X13 80% SVENSSON REFLECTIVE SHADE-12'X13' Only 1 left 47.46000 EA  More Info
110988 22 OZ.PS COVER FR BLACKOUT WHITE/WHITE 300 7.00000 FT  More Info
CL40KSH20X35 SHADE REMNANT-40% KNIT-20'X35' Only 1 left 102.66000 EA  More Info
CL50SSH34X38 50% SVENSSON REFLECTIVE SHADE-34'X38' Only 1 left 307.50000 EA  More Info
CL70KSH12X30TG SHADE REMNANT-70% KNIT-12'X30' T&G Only 3 left 136.29000 EA  More Info
CL115338Z13X20 XLS OBSCURA A/A FRBRK+B/B(X2) REV 13X20 Only 1 left 193.00000 EA  More Info
CL115338Z13X30 XLS OBSCURA A/A FRBRK+B/B(X2) REV 13'X30' Only 1 left 289.50000 EA  More Info
CL115338Z13X35 XLS OBSCURA A/A FRBRK+B/B(X2) REV 13'X35' Only 1 left 337.75000 EA  More Info
CL50KSH12X20 SHADE REMNANT-50% KNIT-12' X 20' Only 1 left 40.32000 EA  More Info
CL90KSHG12X12 90% GREEN KNITTED SHADE-12'X12' Only 1 left 43.01000 EA  More Info
CL60KSH10X30 SHADE REMNANT-60% KNIT-10' X 30' Only 1 left 52.92000 EA  More Info
CL40KSH18X20 SHADE REMNANT-40% KNIT-18'X20' Only 1 left 52.79000 EA  More Info
CL112598RZ4X62 XLS OBSCURA A/A FRBRK+ B/B REVOLUX-4'X62' Only 9 left 155.00000 EA  More Info
CL30KSH20X20 SHADE REMNANT-30% KNIT 20'X20' Only 2 left 51.66000 EA  More Info
CL30KSH20X22 SHADE REMNANT-30% KNIT-20'X22' Only 2 left 56.67000 EA  More Info
CL30KSH20X26 SHADE REMNANT-30% KNIT-20'X26' Only 1 left 66.98000 EA  More Info
CL60KSH15X20 SHADE REMNANT-60% KNIT 15'X20' Only 1 left 52.61000 EA  More Info
CL40KSH12X15 SHADE REMNANT-40% KNIT-12'X15' Only 2 left 26.46000 EA  More Info
CL40KSH12X20 SHADE REMNANT-40% KNIT-12'X20' Only 1 left 35.28000 EA  More Info
CL50SSH26X34 50% SVENSSON REFLECTIVE SHADE-26'X34' Only 1 left 213.96000 EA  More Info
CL70KSH20X20 SHADE REMNANT-70% KNIT-20' X 20' Only 1 left 73.92000 EA  More Info
CL70KSH20X28 SHADE REMNANT-70% KNIT-20'X28' Only 1 left 103.49000 EA  More Info
CL70KSH32X35 SHADE REMNANT-70% KNIT-32'X35' Only 1 left 211.68000 EA  More Info
CL50KSH10X14 SHADE REMNANT-50% KNIT-10'X14' Only 1 left 23.52000 EA  More Info
CL50KSH10X18 SHADE REMNANT-50% KNIT-10'X18' Only 1 left 30.24000 EA  More Info
CL50KSH10X20 SHADE REMNANT-50% KNIT-10' X 20' Only 1 left 33.60000 EA  More Info