Closeout Shelters & Truss Buildings

Amazing prices on ClearSpan closeout canopies, garages, storage buildings and shelters. ClearSpan is the leading manufacturer of tension fabric storage buildings for commercial, industrial and business use, as well as temporary shelters. Manufactured in the USA, the deals on this page are constructed of the finest frames and cover fabrics.

Please Note: Closeouts are one of a kind, last one, slightly damaged/missing parts, special pricing, remnants or returns. All products are sold as is and carry a 30-day return policy.

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Product Info Description Qty Available Price Unit  
CL103105 20'X96' GSPAN ROUND COLD FRAMES-COMPLETE UNIT Only 1 left 3271.65000 EA  More Info
CL115404W 26'W X 50'L WHITE HIGHBOY BUILDING Only 1 left 7730.75000 EA  More Info
CL3040SS50 SUNBLOCKER 30X40 IN 10X20 BLOCK 50% Limited Stock 2575.20000 EA  More Info
CL45BA13M090 CLSEOUT PAV 45X13X90 BAM AWNS 12FR WT SIDES OPN Limited Stock 37675.00000 EA  More Info
CL45BA13M100 CLSEOUT PAV 45X13X100 BAM AWNS 12FR WT SIDES OPN Limited Stock 39750.00000 EA  More Info
CLS026HF06060WF 26X60 STOR MSTR W/1DOOR 12.5OZ FR WHT -COMPLETE Only 1 left 10722.75000 EA  More Info
CLS030RD0500120BS 30X15X120ECONOLN 6OZB/S FSTNDG,2B/S ENDS Limited Stock 10490.35000 EA  More Info
CLT04506020FW 45W X 60L RD HD FREESTANDING 12.5 WHT Limited Stock 10510.25000 EA  More Info
CLT045HAW045WN 45X45 HAW 15'OC W/1 END WL, 12OZ WHT Limited Stock 18385.00000 EA  More Info
CLT065RDG030WN 65X30 RDG 15'OC W/1 END WL,12OZ WHT 24"G Limited Stock 14995.00000 EA  More Info
ST073HAHF049200 73'W x 200'L GABLE HD BUILDING Limited Stock 99995.00000 EA  More Info