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We offer huge savings on greenhouses for beginner gardeners, backyard growers or a professional nursery owner. All of our greenhouses include step-by-step manuals and best of all, we back up our quality greenhouses with the best customer service in the business. Already have a greenhouse? We can help you, too! We offer great deals on a wide range of products to help keep your greenhouse in top condition, such as greenhouse film, repair tape, greenhouse covering and more!

Please Note: Closeouts are one of a kind, last one, slightly damaged/missing parts, special pricing, remnants or returns. All products are sold as is and carry a 30-day return policy.

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Product Info Description Qty Available Price Unit  
107352 36"X80" STANDARD INSULATED DOOR W/KNOB Limited Stock 375.00000 EA  More Info
110459 POP UPSIDE WALL 8'X8'BLUE Only 5 left 35.95000 EA  More Info
111243 RIDGE CAP 8'3" Only 1 left 21.95000 EA  More Info
CL102445 4 TIER MINI GREEN HOUSE Only 1 left 13.60000 EA  More Info
CL102529 8MM POLY-CARB 72"X120" TWINWALL SHEET-DAMAGE Only 3 left 85.00000 EA  More Info
CL102948Z13 4MM TWINWALL HDPE G/HOUSE COVER 8X13' Only 1 left 62.27000 EA  More Info
CL102948Z15 4MM TWINWALL HDPE G/HOUSE COVER 8X15' Only 1 left 71.85000 EA  More Info
CL104706 36"X80" GHSE DOOR W/PCARB & LOCK- Only 1 left 152.71000 EA  More Info
CL104716 BASE FOR 104715-SLIGHTLY DAMAGED Only 1 left 72.68000 EA  More Info
CL107184 LIFTMASTER MJ ROLLUP DOOR OPENER-PHASED Only 1 left 545.00000 EA  More Info
CL107947 12'W X 12'H FABRIC-GATHERING DOOR-USED Only 1 left 993.65000 EA  More Info
CL108561 955 TRAC RITE RU DOOR HOOD 12'W -DAMAGED Only 3 left 189.00000 EA  More Info
CL109364 8'GALV CURTAIN DRIVE DOOR Only 1 left 186.00000 EA  More Info
CL109365 9'GALV CURTAIN DRIVE DOOR Only 1 left 275.74000 EA  More Info
CL109368 12'GALV CURTAIN DRIVE DOOR Only 1 left 235.00000 EA  More Info
CL109368L 12'GALV CURTAIN DRIVE DOOR LEFT Only 1 left 242.54000 EA  More Info
CL110094 GREENHOUSE AIR INFLATION SYSTEM Only 1 left 42.38000 EA  More Info
CL110345 40MM POLY-CARB 82"WX232" Only 5 left 451.24000 EA  More Info
CL111374 8X8 COIL SHEET DOOR W/WEATHER KIT Only 1 left 392.50000 EA  More Info
CL111375 10X8 COIL SHEET DOOR W/WEATHER KIT-USED Only 1 left 491.48000 EA  More Info
CL111380 14X11 COIL SHEET DOOR W/WEATHER KIT-DAMAGED Only 1 left 1009.49000 EA  More Info
CL111384 18X18 COIL SHEET DOOR W/WEATHER KIT Only 1 left 1415.00000 EA  More Info
CL111563NA 8X8 WL COIL SHEET DR W/BRSH SLS W/OPERAT Only 1 left 1152.28000 EA  More Info
CL111564N 10X8 WL COIL SHEET DR W/BRUSH SEALS Only 1 left 682.72000 EA  More Info
CL111566NA 10X10 WL COIL SHEET DR W/BRSL W/OPERATOR Only 4 left 1395.46000 EA  More Info
CL111567N 12X10 WL COIL SHEET DR W/BRUSH SEALS 10 869.83000 EA  More Info
CL111570NA 12X14 WL COIL SHEET DR W/BRSL W/OPERATOR Only 8 left 1662.33000 EA  More Info
CL111572NA 16X14 WL COIL SHEET DR W/BRSL W/OPERATOR Only 1 left 1840.00000 EA  More Info
CL111573N 18X18 WL COIL SHEET DR W/BRUSH SEALS Only 1 left 1945.30000 EA  More Info
CL111650 36"X80"STANDARD INSULATED DOOR-SCRATCHED Only 1 left 184.10000 EA  More Info
CL112000Z100 8MM E.P.D.M. MULLION CAP GASKET-100'L Only 1 left 19.75000 EA  More Info
CL112000Z113 8MM E.P.D.M. MULLION CAP GASKET-113'L Only 1 left 22.60000 EA  More Info
CL112000Z116 8MM E.P.D.M. MULLION CAP GASKET-116'L Only 1 left 23.20000 EA  More Info
CL112000Z127 8MM E.P.D.M. MULLION CAP GASKET-127'L Only 2 left 25.08000 EA  More Info
CL112000Z140 8MM E.P.D.M. MULLION CAP GASKET-140' Only 1 left 27.65000 EA  More Info
CL112000Z20 8MM E.P.D.M. MULLION CAP GASKET-20'L Only 1 left 3.95000 EA  More Info
CL112000Z25 25' OF 8MM E.P.D.M. MULLION CAP GASKET Only 3 left 6.25000 EA  More Info
CL112000Z27 8MM E.P.D.M. MULLION CAP GASKET-27'L Only 1 left 5.33000 EA  More Info
CL112000Z30 8MM E.P.D.M. MULLION CAP GASKET-30'L Only 1 left 5.93000 EA  More Info
CL112000Z90 8MM E.P.D.M. MULLION CAP GASKET-90'L Only 1 left 17.78000 EA  More Info
CL112134 JANUS 2000 SERIES 8' HOOD Only 1 left 122.40000 EA  More Info
CL113835Z70 CORRUGATED POLY-CARB 50"X70.5" CLEAR 19 48.65000 EA  More Info
CLGD1220W22F5 12X20 FABRIC GATHER DOOR 22OZ WHITE FR Only 3 left 198.00000 EA  More Info
CLGD1414W22F4 14X14 FABRIC GATH DOOR 22 OZ WH FR-USED Only 2 left 203.76000 EA  More Info
CLGD1620W22F5 FABRIC DOOR 16X20 22OZ WHITE FR Only 1 left 295.40000 EA  More Info
CLGD1816W22F4 FABRIC GATHER DOOR 18X16 WHT 22OZFR-USED Only 2 left 248.99000 EA  More Info
CLGD1818W22F4 18X18 FABRIC DOOR 22OZ WHITE FR Only 1 left 280.11000 EA  More Info
CLGD2012W22N3 FABRIC GATHERING DOOR 20'W X 12'H Only 1 left 207.50000 EA  More Info
CLGD2016W22F4 20X16 FABRIC DOOR 22OZ WHITE FR Only 2 left 276.66000 EA  More Info
CLGD2020W22F5 20X20 FABRIC DOOR 22OZ WHITE FR Only 1 left 345.83000 EA  More Info
CLGD2420W22F5 24X20 FABRIC GTHER DOOR 22OZ FR WHT-USED Only 2 left 396.00000 EA  More Info
CLGD2830W22F7 28X30 GATHER DOOR WHITE 22OZ FR Only 1 left 725.70000 EA  More Info
CLPANICDOOR 36? X 80? PANIC DOOR 10 50.00000 EA  More Info
CLSRF31632 REPLACEMENT COIL FOR 20X14 CSD DOOR ONLY Only 1 left 1625.00000 EA  More Info
GGDK2612W22F 26'W X 12'H FABRIC-GATHERING DOOR Limited Stock 2685.00000 EA  More Info
GS053536GDCR 35X36 S500 TALL GH GP DBL-FLM W/INFLT RU Limited Stock 5775.00000 EA  More Info
OS106309D 26'X12'X72' GS GOTH PRO DRPDWN W/PC&FILM Limited Stock 7771.92000 EA  More Info
OS106317D 34'X12'X96' GS GOTH PRO DRPDWN W/PC&FILM Limited Stock 11597.76000 EA  More Info
OS106317PC 34'X12'X96' GS GOTHIC PRO GNHS W/PC Limited Stock 23505.60000 EA  More Info
OSPB01675R6C 20X12X36 GS RND ECON HTUNN W/FILM/RU Limited Stock 1747.50000 EA  More Info
OSPB01685R6C 20X12X72 GS RND ECON HTUNN W/FILM/RU Limited Stock 3046.00000 EA  More Info
OSPB01690R6C 20X12X96 GS RND ECON HTUNN W/FILM/RU Limited Stock 3938.25000 EA  More Info
OSPB01730R6C 30X12X72 GS RND ECON HTUNN W/FILM/RU Limited Stock 4133.01000 EA  More Info
S104120 4-SEASON 4 TIER MINI GREENHOUSE Limited Stock 29.95000 EA  More Info
S104207 GARDEN STARTER GREENHOUSE W/4 SHELVES Limited Stock 109.00000 EA  More Info
S112983 8MM POLY-CARB 71.25"X106" TWINWALL SHEET Limited Stock 79.45000 EA  More Info