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Grow the healthiest crops, and protect them from insects and fungi using these two environmentally friendly products that are safe for use around people, pets and livestock.

• Nuke em® and Z7™ are best used together and can support the health and profitability of all types of crops - no matter how you grow.
• These natural products are skin-contact safe and can eliminate the costs associated with workers' compensation claims and litigation due to exposure to toxic pesticides, fungicides and cleaning products.
• Both are made with an environmentally friendly formula that won't contaminate ground water, lakes, streams or wells.

Nuke em® (113749, 113750):
• This safe, effective, multi-purpose insecticide and fungicide kills small pests, like broad mites, whiteflies, spider mites, aphids and more, and fungi, like powdery mildew, yeast and mold.
• Cracks the exoskeleton and outer cell structures, allowing Nuke em® to kill eggs, larvae and fully grown insects.
• Made with 100% food-grade ingredients and registered organic through the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
• Safe for people, pets and livestock, and it can be applied in an occupied greenhouse.
• After Nuke em® has dried, its ingredients become dormant and beneficial insects can be used.

Z7™ (113751, 113752):
• Promotes the health of plants and the function of irrigation, aquaponic, hydroponic and fodder systems by fighting the buildup of inanimate microscopic particulate, like slime and de-scale mineral deposits. This helps to improve the osmotic action in the plants' roots and eliminates the need to clean your growing equipment's irrigation lines, pipes, tanks and pumps, which reduces labor costs and the need to replace equipment.
• By improving the function of the roots, Z7™ helps to make fertilizers more effective and enables you to use less fertilizer.
• Fights water spots and keeps crops looking, smelling and tasting their best.
• When used in aquaponic systems, it can support a healthy biofilter and allow for more active fish.

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Item # Description Price  
113750 Nuke em® - 128 oz. For more information, please use Live Help, Email us or call 1.800.327.6835. More Info
113751 Z7™ - 32 oz. 78.95000 /EA More Info
113752 Z7™ - 128 oz. 199.95000 /EA More Info