Assistant Construction Manager

The person in this position reports to the Project Manager, and is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the delivery and assembly of building structures.

Tasks & Responsibilities:
  1. Supervise the work activities of construction crews assigned to assemble fabric buildings onsite, and provide input on their performance to the Project Manager.
  2. Coordinate construction activities.
  3. Evaluate outside contractors for use in building assembly.
  4. Coordinate activities of outside contractors as they are assigned to projects.
  5. Insure preparation of worksites for assembly and placement of buildings before construction begins, including checking for building codes, clearances, ground type, leveling, anchoring, etc.
  6. Respond to customer inquiries and complaints regarding installations and product quality.
  7. Arrange for shipment of material for installations, and arrange for necessary equipment.
  8. Inspect site before and after installation as needed.
  9. Prepare estimates for pricing quotations.
  10. Perform other tasks as assigned.
Knowledges, Skills, & Abilities:

Knowledge of corporate policies and procedures related to human resources management
Knowledge of corporate policies and procedures related to the hiring of private contractors
Knowledge of building codes and restrictions
Knowledge of construction requirements and techniques
Knowledge of safety policies and regulations
Ability to define and solve specific customer problems associated with installation
Ability to manage multiple, complex activities
Ability to supervise the work of others

Working Conditions:

Frequent travel is required; work is generally scheduled for weekdays, but sometimes requires travel and work on Saturdays and Sundays. Working outside is required, sometimes in harsh weather conditions.

Minimum Requirements:

Ability to read and follow complex instructions, use computer systems, and read blueprints and schematics, plus two years of construction experience

Training Needs:

The person in this position needs continuous training in corporate policies and procedures related to product installation, contracting for services, and human resources management

How To Apply:

Note: These are PDF forms. We recommend that you save them to your computer's hard drive, fill out the forms, save and email to

Application For Employment Form

Disclosure Agreement Form

Background Check/Drug Testing Form

To apply, please download and fill out the corresponding forms.
Submit forms and a resume by mail, e-mail or fax to:
Attn: Human Resources FarmTek / Engineering Services & Products Co.
1440 Field of Dreams Way, Dyersville, IA 52040
E-Mail -
Fax - 563-875-2317
Engineering Services & Products Company is an equal opportunity employer.

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